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Lilly the Cow by hyper11 Lilly the Cow :iconhyper11:hyper11 1 4 Thanks for the big 1000 by hyper11 Thanks for the big 1000 :iconhyper11:hyper11 1 9 Hannah's Merry Christmas by hyper11 Hannah's Merry Christmas :iconhyper11:hyper11 1 3 Hope by hyper11 Hope :iconhyper11:hyper11 1 5 Kasha by hyper11 Kasha :iconhyper11:hyper11 1 3 Nico and Risky Sketch by hyper11 Nico and Risky Sketch :iconhyper11:hyper11 2 9 The Drinking Contest by hyper11 The Drinking Contest :iconhyper11:hyper11 1 35
Dax looked out the gaping hole in the wall and out to the wasted lands.  Thunder boomed in the distance, the loud roar giving him chills up and down his spine.  
He looked back at his sleeping companions.  Len and Lira were cuddled together, the twins always slept easier when they were close.  They shuffled and Dax thought to himself, 'They look like angels, almost exactly the opposite compared to when they're awake.' They were both six and were in the same conditions as he was.  But beside that fact they always seemed to be happy.
He looked over at Nox. His back was propped up against the wall and his arms were folded.  His mouth was slightly open and he could hear his even breathing clearly. Even though Nox wasn't his favorite person his heart earned a new crack every time he had to look at him.  He was hard on the outside definitely. But Dax knew that somewhere in there was a soft spot. Even if he was one year old
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Make a Silly Face by hyper11 Make a Silly Face :iconhyper11:hyper11 2 4
Tricking the Treat
Cream danced around the other girls as they got dressed into their costumes.  She was already in her pretty princess dress and was twirling with glee.
"I'm so excited!" She said, "I can't wait to go trick or treating!"
"Can't wait to do what now?" Jetti-Su said.  She was wearing a cloak and fake pointy teeth.  
Amy let out a small gasp, "You mean you've never gone trick or treating on Halloween?"
"Whoa, wait. Never done what on what?" Rocket said, her wings were died black and she wore a head band imitating Rouge's ears but black.  She wore black pants and a black tank top, imitating a bat.
"Trick or treating is where you go from house to house asking for candy! We do it every year on the holiday Halloween! But since we're in space Tails had some of the boys go to rooms in the Gizer where we can go to!" Cream said.
"Wait, you mean free candy?! I love Hackawee!" Skittles said, she was wearing a multi-colored skirt and a multi colored belly open sh
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The South-Winds pt. 7
Things happened pretty fast for the H.I.T. FORCE. They got the appliances the needed and loaded them onto the Blimp Majesty.  
Erne gave Tails something as a gift, "It's a communicator device that would allow you to ask me questions about anything anytime.  But don't tell anybody I gave ya this for free." He had said with a wink.
They departed the Yist islands and sooner then they expected arrived at the Gizer.  The old ship was thickly coated with the red dust now and the wind was blowing harder then it had been earlier that day.  
Tails had gone to work laying a huge tent canvas over the engine so he could do his work without having the sun beating down on him to badly.  Rocket assisted him the best way she could, and they had been working for hours.  
"So, uh, Rocket?" Sonic came up behind her. She was working on the bottom of the engine and Tails was up higher working on the top part.
"Yeah?" She replied still focussed on
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The South-Winds pt. 6
It wasn't long before the others were up by the Blimp Majesty, when they were all on deck J filled them in on the planet's history and who exactly the South-Wind pirates were.  
Nico was doing well in hiding his excitement so far, but Risky was bursting with curiosity.  She ran to J and observed him while circling around him.  Nico had to drag her away and stand her in place by Skittles to make her stay still.  
After J had finished telling the others about the South-Wind Pirates Vector said, "I gotta gut feeling that these pirates have something to do with Eggman and your enemy," He said pointing to Hannah, "It's suspicious to find Eggman out here in the middle of no where."
"Well, I gotta question fer ya. Does yer Eggman character post up weird refineries and such?" J asked.
"Yes, he does that all the time." Tails told him.  
"Well, you'll find it more suspicious that the stupid man has built one in the middle of the desert. 
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The South-Winds pt. 5
Rocket raised her hands slowly as she stared at the shiny blade pointed at her nose.  Sonic followed suit and Charmy was gasping dramatically for air.  Trix ran to Rocket and clung onto her belt.  
Rocket got a good look at the ship, it wasn't technically big but a good size.  It was held up by a huge blimp that was attached to the deck by ropes and chains.  Canons were stationed at the railings and there was a steering wheel up a set of stairs. On the other side of the ship there was another set of stairs leading up to a balcony type thing where major walking and footing had taken place.  
On the deck of the ship there was only one birds. He was a boy, his feathers a radiant blue and his beak was evenly curved and bright orange. He seemed to be around Sonic's and Rocket's age.  
"Now, I don't like pointen' swords in yer faces, but I don't know you and I don't want you goin' round bustin' up my ship." He said. &
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The South-Winds pt. 4
"Omigosh! Omigosh! Omigosh! Omigosh!" Charmy was yelling over and over.
Rocket flipped around the ship as best as she could and pushed the pedal to the metal to get back out, but it seemed that whatever was pulling them back grew stronger.  
Slowly but sure they emerged from the top of the cloud and they all twisted around in their seats to see what was attacking them.  
"Oh, come ON!" Sonic said throwing his hands up in the air.  Behind them was a huge robot with a human figure but resembling a bird more then anything.  It's mass was at least four Tornados put into one, and rockets blowing out of it's back and feet kept it in the sky.  
Where the waist should be was a big glass dome with the controls inside.  
"HO HO HO HO!" they head and Charmy cringed at the stupid laugh, "Well, isn't it nice to see you on this dust ball of a planet!"
Rocket looked closer at the dome and saw that inside was a fat guy in a red suit with gogg
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The South-Winds pt. 3
Rocket stood up slowly, shocked from the landing.  Her head was slightly aching and her whole body was shaking.
The rest of them followed suit and Silver said, "I have never, ever, done something like THAT before..."
"Well, anything can happen when your in range of these dweebs." Rouge said, and she pointed behind her shoulder to the Chaotix and their friends.  
"Can we save the drama for later and get outside?" Jetti-Su asked impatiently.  
Tails was at the computer analyzing the screen, "The air outside seems breathable, so the world's atmosphere is safe," he said the turned to the others and continued, "But we have no idea of what kind of life is out there."
"Well, you never know until you take action!" Skittles said, pounding a fist into an open hand.
"With that kind of attitude you can get yourself killed." Rouge said frankly.
"Is there any better option?" Sonic said shrugging.
Argument spread throughout them and Trix stood there, completely still.
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The South-Winds pt. 2
Rocket pulled Trix in close and held onto her tight.  Tails was at the safe room computer and franticly typing away, doing his best to help.  Charmy was screaming his head off in a high pitch tone that made him sound as if he were a four year old girl.  Knuckles was squirming desperately trying to get out of Mighty's grip, wanting to get to the Master Emerald.
As for the rest, shear panic obviously showed in their eyes.  
Rocket's eyes soon met Sonic's and she called to him, "What're we gonna do?!"
Sonic's expression spoke for him saying "I'm thinking!".  Rocket too creased her brow thinking of some sort of way they could get out of the mess.  'If only we had the engine going...' she thought.  Then an idea crossed her mind and she didn't hesitate suggesting it to the others.
"Tails, how much power do we have in the engines?" She yelled over the screaming Charmy.  
"We have only a little bit, but not even en
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:COMMISSION: Bella by Rush88 :COMMISSION: Bella :iconrush88:Rush88 183 41 Purple and Playful by Snowify Purple and Playful :iconsnowify:Snowify 185 64 :COMMISSION: Jayde by Rush88 :COMMISSION: Jayde :iconrush88:Rush88 171 65 can't stop those 3+1 by Rush88 can't stop those 3+1 :iconrush88:Rush88 218 86 :COMMISSION: Gaiden and Lillith Moon by Rush88 :COMMISSION: Gaiden and Lillith Moon :iconrush88:Rush88 151 56 RAWR by Kasie-The-Lion RAWR :iconkasie-the-lion:Kasie-The-Lion 131 13 Hands 2 by MolochTDL Hands 2 :iconmolochtdl:MolochTDL 2,388 160 Hands by MolochTDL Hands :iconmolochtdl:MolochTDL 2,348 170 Demon Form for GoldenFox123187 by chibi-jen-hen Demon Form for GoldenFox123187 :iconchibi-jen-hen:chibi-jen-hen 850 98 To my dad on his birthday... by chibi-jen-hen To my dad on his birthday... :iconchibi-jen-hen:chibi-jen-hen 1,189 230 Heroes by lujji Heroes :iconlujji:lujji 805 29 Gift: Forest Gray by Melanthriel Gift: Forest Gray :iconmelanthriel:Melanthriel 54 58
i pick favourites by idea AND art talent. not just the second one! i think ideas of artwork pieces matter just as much as how you draw them!



No journal entry since new years?!?!?!?! ... I suck. ^^;
lol sorry guys! Been super busy with school, so i haven't had time to draw. ... or write... or be active with dA... or do anything but homework. :XD:
But I've been thinking the H.I.T. FORCE idea was getting old... so i might start new!! Starting today! :party: MOSSLETOFF! (and yah i know i didn't spell that right. :XD:)


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Astra ^^
Artist | Student | Varied
:hooray: :squee: :happybounce: :huggle: :hug: :glomp: :tighthug: :la: :nuu: :dummy: :woohoo: :stereo: :tunes: :turbopoke: :sing: :dance: :boogie: = me in a bundle XD

LEARNING ABOUT ME 101: :iconblushplz: :iconsuperheroglompplz: :iconepicclapplz: :iconlawooplz: :iconsoniclaplz: :iconepiclaplz:
I'm a kind of a tomboy, like i perfer not to wear dresses and skirts but will i have to. And really really prissy and girly people bug me to DEATH! i like to surround myself with nice, fun, funny, artistic, outgoing, hyper all the time, and people who like me for WHO I AM kind of people! so if ur one of the above... please be my fwend!!!! :XD:

:bulletred: art is my life :boogie:

:bulletblue: i like sonic the hedgehog, shadow the hedgehog, silver the hedgehog, tails prower, and all that good stuff :yum:

:bulletgreen: i draw w/ pencils, markers (work in progress), & colored pencils :clap:

:bulletpink: i write. end of story. :aww:

:bulletpurple: i like to weld and work with metal :D

:bulletorange: i loooooooove fire :onfire: (im a pyro X3)

:bulletyellow: i have an obsession with cookie dough :la:

:bulletwhite: i think boys are gross :nuu: (no offense guys XD)

:bulletblack: i think laughter is the best medicine :rofl:

:bulletred: i dance and sing when no one is home... DON'T LAUGH! ^^;

:star: im a happy go lucky person who loves to be with friends! :glomp:

i have no problem if you want to be my friend! i like people and i don't bite 10% of the time! :huggle:

also, since the devious info can't hold all of my personal quotes i'll just say 'em here!

:bulletgreen: When life rains on your parade, pull out the slip n' slide.

:bulletblue: if your gonna be happy show it with a smile! :meow:
~quoted from Kiero (see my story pleaz!)

:bulletyellow: Dance like no one is watching :dance: even though someone almost always is, sing like no one is listening :sing: even though you might be loud enough anyone could hear you, love like you've never been hurt :blowkiss: and even if you have move on, Work like you don't need the money :work: and try to have fun anyways, and live like every day is your last :squee: cause you have plenty of time to be dead!
~quoted from my bestest friend eva!!

and also PRETTY PLEASE read what i write and check out my gallery! thanx and have a wonderfull day! XD

Current Residence: you'll never know! (mwahaha!)
deviantWEAR sizing preference: erm... wha?
Print preference: huh?
Favourite genre of music: ROCK!!!
Favourite photographer: my dad XD
Favourite style of art: i like design that photoshop gives, but i also like pencil sketches to! but i can't choose!
Operating System: Windows (if that's what u mean...)
MP3 player of choice: does the itouch count?
Shell of choice: i'd perfer not to have a shell thank you very much. im not a turtle silly! X3
Wallpaper of choice: um.... something pretty to look at...?
Skin of choice: um... i'm fine with mine thanks
Favourite cartoon character: can't chose between any of the sonic characters... X3
Personal Quote: see my id!!


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